Thursday, April 30, 2020
Scenes with Ptah
8:52 am

A colleague gave clue that there is a scene (or two) with Set and Nut together at Medinet Habu. I found one of the scenes, and then went searching for "Ptah" in the - Medinet Habu - Vol. VIII The Eastern High Gate - oip94.pdf

I found an interesting scene of Ramses III Offering Ma'at to Ptah and Sekhmet:

Medinet Habu - Volume VIII: The Eastern High Gate
The University of Chicago - Oriental Institute Publications, Vol. XCIV
Close up of text
Lines 1 through 5:
Words spoken by Ptah the Great, South of (His) Wall, Lord of Ankhtowi, the great god who hears prayer, who resides in the Mansion of Millions of Years "United with Eternity" in the estate of Amun: "I have given you the lifetime of Ra and the years of Atum. I have given you all health and all joy forever and eternally."
Lines 6 through 10:
Words spoken by Sekhmet the Great, Beloved of Ptah: "I have given you very many jubilees like Ra every day, Oh Lord of the Two Lands, Usermare-Meriamun, given life like Ra."
I've collated this into a printable pdf.

I tried to locate this scene at Medinet Habu via Flickr, but I wasn't able to find it. However, I found other scenes featuring Ptah and Sekhmet:
Rameses III offering Ma'at:
Larger scene, seated Ptah:
Larger scene, standing Ptah:
Sekhmet and Ptah:
Seated Ptah:

Standing Ptah:, by "KairoInfo4U", who gives "creative commons".
Between Ptah and Sekhmet, I recognize the words "all health".

And now for an image of Ptah that is a little closer to home. I've loved my little bronze reproduction of a standing Ptah in faience that is at the Hermitage Museum. But his little base is uneven, and he 'walks'. We don't even need to be stomping near where he stands, he still 'walks' like crazy.

At first I was going to sculpt a base in which he could stand and be stabilized. I gave up on that one. It would have been fancy, with his hieroglyphs engraved in the front. But, I gave up.

So I opted for simpler, something 3D printed at Shapeways. I traced around his very uneven base and scanned the trace:

Original trace, with b/w model

My solution works!

I stomped my feet and pounded on the table, and he still has a 'side to side' waddle, but he's kept from wandering!

"All health" to you, dear readers! ("Senebty!")

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