Monday, May 11, 2020
Quiet Days
10:52 am

Our days are of necessity a lot quieter these days. I know many are "hoping against hope" these days and "daring" to live like there's no ravaging virus on the loose. I wish them "luck", but from a safe distance here in our cozy home. (Yes, I know we are lucky to be able to do so.)

We've been watching a lot of old movies. It's surprising that while it seems it "wasn't that long ago" that we first saw those films on the big screen, how many of the details seem fresh, after having faded in memory.

One video was new to us, "Gosford Park". It is a period drama set in 1930s and also is a mystery. Very good! Julian Fellowes, the guy who wrote the "Downton Abbey" series, wrote it.

I ordered a bunch of DVDs of old Coen brothers movies and Wes Andersen movies. They are slowly arriving. We saw "Hail Caesar!" and enjoyed it more than when we saw it on the big screen, because we understood it more. "Lady Killers" with Tom Hanks was so funny, a complete delight.

But "Royal Tenenbaums" was awful, not at all what I remembered, and I can only conclude is that what I remembered is something I dreamed, loosely based on seeing the trailer. So sad, they could have done so much better with the theme of a squabbling family that all return to their childhood home.

"Hugo", which is a Scorsese effort, was wonderful, one of my absolute all time favorites. I'll want to watch it again. "Grand Budapest Hotel" was also good. We'd seen it back in 2014, and I'd forgotten much of the details. It's hard to imagine it was six years ago, as anything seen after 2013 (since moving into the house) seems "recent". We also watched "BFG", I absolutely love Mark Rylance as the gentle giant. That one is 'newer', having first seen it in 2016.

We have waiting to be seen "Brother, Wherefore Art Thou" and "Fantastic Mr Fox". 'Brother' is Coen Brothers, while 'Fox' is Wes Anderson. Oddly, they both star George Clooney.

Our pleasures are simple these days. Acquisition of a second soap dish has brought much joy and "peace". The face soap and hand soaps would battle with each other, one always causing the other to hit the floor. Now, it is peaceful:

I was glad to find another dish just like the one we got seven years ago.

I continue needlepointing. Soon, we may run out of wall space. But until then....
(I did find find room for Wepwawet.)

But I haven't done much with the sculpting. The Djehuty-round sits untouched, as does the poor armature for Heru-Wer. I gave him a "tiny apology":

Properly enthroned, even if 'wee'. (From "Reaper Miniatures")

I apologized to Djehuty, too:

By "On the Temple Steps"

While I have another on order to go in the more 'formal' location, this one is here to remind me to have wisdom in all my communications via the computer.

(As in "Do I really need to read the comments after a news post?" NO! "Do not read the words of the trolls, the depressing/angering words of the trolls!") Life will be so much happier if I remember this.

I am grateful for our quiet, but happy days. Stay well, everyone!

"Senebty!" "Be well!" in Ancient Egyptian

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