Saturday, May 16, 2020
Jackals, Jackals, Jackals!
7:56 am

I've been needlepointing a LOT, and three projects are done, except for the hemming. One project is done and on the wall:

Unhemmed: 18.5cm x 17cm
Hemmed: 20cm x 19.8cm (7.8 in x 7.79in)

The others are ready for hemming:

Wepwawet on Left, Anubis (Yinepu) on right
Size of each, before hemming: 22 cm tall, 10.3 cm wide (8.66 x 4 inches)

I began all these projects with the small Wepwawet, which in turn inspired the larger Wepwawet above. Then I started in on a fairly large Yinepu, seen below. When that project was well underway, I turned to making a matching Yinepu for this Wepwawet. I am thinking I will hem each of the small Jackals separately.

Size before hemming: 22.5 cm x 24.5cm, (10 x 9.5 inches)

Big Yinepu (Anubis) couldn't all fit onto the scanner. So I photographed him, with the camera held so high, I couldn't see into the viewfinder. Hence, we have distortions. As my 12 inch long cheapie plumbers poles, ("ball cock float rods"), are not long enough for hanging this piece (and the next size of 24 inches long too long), I have on order a special hanging frame, which may arrive today.

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