Wednesday, May 20, 2020
The Great Flood (Epic Technicolor Dream)
7:53 am

Julia and I were visiting a town we'd never been to before. We were visiting friends with a chaotic lifestyle. I felt bad because we weren't able to help them. They had an odd, messy apartment, with tall towers of soda cans placed variously through out their house, a veritable "stone henge" made of soda cans. Also, there was piles of junk food, chips and such. There was such a sense of wild despair to their lives. I felt awed by the chaos in their lives, and so helpless, as they were really hurting, but we couldn't help them.

Then afterwards, we went downtown to their city, going from skyscraper to skyscraper. We were in one tall building, maybe three stories up, when a huge flood came wooshing down the street. I remembered something the chaotic family had done to their sewers that might have caused this.

We watched the greenish water through thick glass windows, which held strong, but gave a clear view of the water's awesome force. Eventually, the water was spent and the street was clear.

A steak house restaurant was open in a lower story of this skyscraper, customers waiting to enter, standing six feet apart. We'd considered going there, but had forgot our masks. "For a moment, I almost thought things were back to normal," I said to Julia.

We then exited into the outdoors. The air was clear, but humid. A group of maybe ten young men, all wearing white, were standing in a row parallel to the length of the road, all juggling bowling pins. We stopped to watch them, and their enthusiasm and skill made me smile.

Then later I found in the floods' debris a broken limestone stela commemorating a new priest of a semi-Kemetic religion, praising him as a god. I told Julia, "No, that's not right. There is a clear demarcation between gods and humans. Netjeri might be the inbetween, as they lack a corporal body and have some limited divine power." I marvelled at this sight and walked on.

We were again at chaotic family's apartment. They'd survived the flood. But they didn't realize what they'd done to precipitate this event. Their house was still insanely messy, the tall towers of soda cans and piles of junk food were even higher....

I woke up here.... This dream really seems a parallel for our times. (Okay, the flood might have been triggered from the flood we saw in "Brother, Wherefore Art Thou?" the other day.)

Later Note:
I had a surprise when I read the news this morning. "2 Michigan dams breached, thousands evacuated amid flooding"

"The Tittabawassee River is expected to crest at 38 feet in Midland on Wednesday. By 5:30 a.m., it had broken the record of 33.9 feet set during a 500-year flood event in 1986. At 7:30, it was above 34 feet, according to the NWS." (Source:

"The National Weather Service called the event "extremely dangerous" and said it was caused by "catastrophic failures at the Edenville and Sanford dams," located about 140 miles north of Detroit." (Source:

Meanwhile, whether "picking up" on an actual, literal flood or not, the dream really does seem mythic and epic. That sense of events unfolding on a grand scale, as we behold from behind the glass of TV screen and computer monitor. The part unthinking humans play in it, who lack the ability to understand their role in world events. Yet, also humanity's hubris is also there, represented by the broken stela of a priest from a false religion. Hubris adds to the intensity of catastrophic events.

Yet the jugglers in white were still finding joy in life and bringing it to others, despite the horrors that are everywhere. That, too, is true of this strange age.

Blessings to the jugglers, doing immense feats of skill and delight in these strange days. May Divine Mercies inspire you and give you hope as you inspire us and give us hope.

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