Saturday, June 6, 2020
Keeping Boredom Away
3:23 pm

I have been quite busy with the needlepointing. I did another jackal, this time a tiny Yinepu (Anubis):

He is only 9 cm wide, so as to fit on the 4 inch wide hanger

Then I got inspired for another image of Hathor, after declaring in a forum "There can never be too many images of Hathor!"

I looked to a piece I did five years ago for inspiration:

It is a print colored with pencils, scanned and digitally adjusted
© Joan Ann Lansberry, November 2015
So I enlarged the face of it to use behind a needlepoint grid planner:

I have a cute 6 inch wide hanger for it....

Progress so far....

I'm pleased with the abstract shapes of the piece, it seems more than just a rehashing of ancient art. But my progress has been slowed by my aging body. In addition to my wonky left shoulder, a couple of nights ago I fell asleep on the sofa, with my heavy head on my right arm. When I woke up, I found my arm could not bend for several minutes afterwards! The next day, when trying to stitch, I found my hand tingling.

So.... I've got to give it a rest as my poor circulation these days is doing odd things and I must listen to my body. It will get done, just a little bit more slowly.

As I sat on the sofa this afternoon, growing a bit bored, I thought to pick up my copy of "Created for Eternity: the Greatest Discoveries of Czech Egyptology". While I am only a hieroglyph dabbler, it amused me to suss out people's names. One piece, a relief of the dignitary Ankhiemaptah and his wife Neferhekenhathor, intrigued me because I can pick out their names.

They excavated this piece in 2012, it is from Abusir south, Old Kingdom, early 6th dynasty, (page 166)
Charles University Faculty of Arts, Prague 2019

Now to their names!

Now the subtleties of the meanings, past "life-Ptah" and "nefer (beautiful)-Hathor" will take some study. I'll report back if I learn anything new.

Note of June 8, 2010

Julia poked around in our dictionaries and found "hekhen": to praise, to adore, to sing or acclaim. I sought expert help, and learned Julia was on the right track:

Ankhiemptah: 3nx=i m Pth "I live through Ptah"

Neferhekenhathor: nfr Hkn Hw.t-Hr "beautiful praise (for) Hathor" or "praising Hathor's beauties," depending on how it's parsed.

I am blessed to know knowledgeable people!
"Go at your own pace" Middle Egyptian instruction available online! "My pace" is "snail".


The owl glyph, "m": in, inside, by means of, with, from.... (From Middle Egyptian Grammar by James Hoch)
Perhaps we could also say, "I live by means of Ptah", understanding that to be with his aid.


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