Thursday, March 8, 2012
"Remembering Beautiful Flowers"

Flowers beautifying a serene resting spot at Tucson's Botanical Garden, which we visited back in 2008

"How could such sweet and
Wholesome hours be reckoned
But with herbs and flowers."
---Andrew Marvell

Red flowers seen at this garden...
I have more photos from this garden.

Saturday, March 10, 2012
"For Your Ka"

Julia and I went to the libary this morning, and instead of heading straight to the magazines, I decided to go upstairs and look for DVDs. Except that I never made it to the DVD section. I went over to the small Egyptian section and took a look at what they had. I found four books to take home with me. I went through them looking for interesting images to scan. A Short History of Ancient Egypt by T.G.H. James featured a nice clear photo of a "carved scene on the limestone sarcophagus of Kawit, one of the consorts of King Mentuhotpe II of the Eleventh Dynasty; from Deir el-Bahri." (Page 70)

It particularily fascinated me because it is showing a mirror in use, like the ones I saw at the Metropolitan Museum:

Two Mirrors, Dyn. 18

However, this book's image cuts off the feet of Kawit and her two attendants! I wanted a version with feet. Along the web hunt for this, I found an even clearer detail at With a little adjustment of sizes, I managed a template from which to trace:

The attendant to the left is from the book scan, and the bottom piece with feet is enlarged from a photo I found on the web

Both the queen and the hairdresser have their hands in the hieroglyph for "hair"

The male attendant pouring the Queen a drink says, "For your ka, O mistress."
The KA is an aspect of the soul meaning vital life force.

The book giving the text translation, Ancient Egypt, by David P. Silverman, says the liquid is milk, while T.G.H. James says it is beer. I say it is cold water!

"For your ka!"

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