Funerary Stela of Indi and His Wife

Funerary Stela of the Royal Sealer Indi and His Wife, the Priestess of Hathor Mutmuti of Thinis
Dynasty 8-First Intermediate Period (ca. 2150-2010 B.C.E.)
Painted Limestone
Rogers Fund, 1925, MMA #25.2.3

Why do I think it's the one of Indi, when the info card describes several different stelae?

It is the description:
"The appearance of a servant holding a drink on the stela of Indi (25.2.3) and many others of the time serve as a reminder of the period's preoccuptation with finding adequate water supplies."

There is also a servant carrying a large container at the lower portion. Perhaps it contains water?

Note the similarity between this piece and other First Intermediate pieces, one at Boston's MFA, one at the Brooklyn Museum, and one at Chicago's Oriental Museum:

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