Sunday, October 23, 2011
"Colorful Ptah"

I have also a printable and colorable version

I created the linear version as part of the process of gathering Was-scepter images for my gathering of Set-related imagery. I used a larger version of a photo in _Tutankhamun_, text T. G. James, photos A. DeLuca as a tracing guide. The gilded wood statue of Ptah, with bronze Was scepter, inlaid with gold at the Cairo Museum is gorgeous. But its lines needed clarification.

Having created the linear version, I wanted to color it. But my two printer prints came out faded. I just put a new cartridge in, did I use up all the ink for this print of a dark and stormy Set? My bad results encouraged a digital version.

Thursday, November 3, 2011
"Good at the Getty"

After reading about yet another ill-gotten piece returned to its country of origin, I checked my photo archives to see if I'd photographed the statue. No, I hadn't. I vaguely remember seeing the huge statue, but its head seemed oddly small for its body. Maybe that's because its hairpiece is missing.

But while I hunted the archives, I found another statue, which I'd deemed "worthy enough" to photograph. The museum website says it's "not currently on view". I hope that's only because they've put it into storage, or it's temporarily on tour, and not that it, too, is being prepared to be sent away permanently. I think this is the more likely and happy outcome, because the page for the repatriated Aphrodite has been removed.

Roman, Asia Minor (present-day Turkey), about A.D. 200
Marble H: 68 7/8 x W: 20 7/8 x D: 13 3/4 in.
# 71.AA.338

"the layered clothing and the snake she holds are typical of Hygieia (personification of health)"

Saturday, November 5, 2011
"New Photo of Julia"

After work today, Julia and I felt a desire to be a bit festive. While at work, I pondered what I wanted for lunch. I felt in a mood for seafood alfredo. Our favorite restaurant wasn't open until later, so we went to Red Lobster, and had the 'endless shrimp'. In addition to the shrimp alfredo, there was sweet and sour shrimp on rice pilaf, breaded shrimp with cocktail sauce and a baked potato. It was all so tasty.

When we got home, Julia wanted her picture taken, and it came out very well. In addition to the crop for 5x7 above, I have a 8x10 crop at her photo gallery.

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