Saturday, September 24, 2011
"Mr Mummy"

What a dream!
Circa maybe 1990:
I'm living in a trailer with Laura, Laura's mother, James (Laura's son) and I don't know who else. It's a crowded trailer. For some reason, among our curios, we have a stack of mummies. Laura gets the idea to take moisturizer to one and softens him up real good. We forget about it, go out to eat and when we return, he is alive! What a miracle! I give him water, and then thinking he might be really hungry, sneak him apples and tomatoes.

Laura's mother smells a rat. She comes to me and says, "We have a sofa for James to sleep on, I have a bed, you and Laura have a bed, we do not have a bed for Mr. Mummy. I say, send him back to Egypt!" Meanwhile, I suspect something is not quite right. Mr. Mummy speaks perfect English! Albeit with an early 1900's accent such as the archeologist Petrie probably had, still he is speaking English!

Our large trailer was on the edge of a lake. Laura appeared with a large boat. "Remember this boat we used to have, we had a lot of fun on that boat!" I say, "Yes." But something is troubling me. It occurs to me she might take Mr. Mummy on a boating trip and then do him like they say Set did Osiris and drown him. Oh nos! We cannot afford to fly him to Egypt, we cannot afford to fly anyone to Egypt. Meanwhile, where's the Egyptian embassy in the States? And how can I get Mr. Mummy there before Laura takes him on the boating trip?

I'm scrambling about, full of panic. Meanwhile, the rest of the mummy stack, will they also come to life?

What's it all mean? I had been looking through Ebay for "Egyptian bronze, not resin", to see what I might find. I did find one non resin statue, that of Osiris. As Osiris is god of the dead, the mummy likely represents him. Laura's mother spoke words similar to what I've heard recently. When Julia saw me searching the web, she said, "Oh, no, we have no more room for any more statuary!" I do have a place for him, however. And I don't have to take food from us to house him!

But what does the red apples, the red tomatoes mean? Red is a color associated with the god Set. Set can (in addition to sending Osiris off for his annual dispatch to the underworld), give life. I was giving the 'mummy' life. Meanwhile, Laura, she was the real active agent, moisturizing the mummy. Laura, having passed in 2002, has already gone to Osiris' realm.

Annual dispatch: In our month October or November, depending on the Lunar calendar, the ancients observed the 'Rites of Khoiak', in which they made Osirus shaped corn mummies and buried them. The god Osiris was associated with vegetation, especially with germinating grain. However, for the grain to germinate, it must be planted. The planting is a sort of death. Osiris must be buried so that he can rise again. It is the cycle of birth and rebirth both on mundane as well as mythological levels.

He has the number "0312" on the back of his stand

Monday, October 3, 2011
"Pictures of Parents"

I received a lovely surprise in the mail. My Uncle Donald gathered up photos of my past and my parents' past and made a nice book of them. It's a thing I'll treasure always. I scanned a few and will add them to the gallery.

I remember this one. I was maybe twelve when my dad got the idea to grow a handlebar moustache. I was SO embarrassed then.

My mother was a teenager here, caught playing the piano

My mother might be older here, maybe in her twenties.

Other than the goofy moustache, my parents were good looking people!

Thursday, October 6, 2011
"Before and After"

The first image is line trace of the Set-Amun statue at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, the second is a re-imagining of what it looked like before its alterations:

"Altered in antiquity by the removal of its upright ears and the addition of horns, this statue retains the characteristic drooping snout of the fabulous Seth-animal. The resulting representation has traditionally been ascribed to Khnum, but the god Amun is more likely." (_Gifts for the Gods: Images from Egyptian Temples_, page 35)

So I altered it back, and put a lighting bolt in the upraised arm! This begs for coloring....

Saturday, October 9, 2011
"Set Thunders"

A few hours later...

Feel free to color as ye will, last page of the "teaser" pdf

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