Sunday, November 27, 2011
"Two Photos from Last Night's Walk"

We began our walk at West Wetlands Park just after 5 o'clock...

The "Sentinel" was nicely illuminated by the evening sun.

A professional photographer was there near the "Sentinel", taking photos of a young couple with their two children. It was fun to watch her at work, posing them just so, getting the children to laugh. One of her tricks was cute. She had a large empty frame, which the four of them held and peered through. I bet that photo came out nicely!

Sunday, December 4, 2011
"Pictures from the Past"

I went hunting in an old drawer of photos looking for the original of Aunt June and Gramma laughing. I didn't find that photo, but I did find my old baby photo and one of my mother. I found a few others, and scanned those, too. This one of me in 1972 is seasonally appropriate:

Scanning it at 600 dpi allowed me to see all sorts of details in it. I love remembering Gramma's Christmas tree.

Here's a cute one of Julia from 1996:

She looks so graceful there, and I could have chosen this photo for the Photo Friday theme of "Graceful". However, I don't remember taking the photo! Better, then that I chose the photo(s) of the lovely 'Vine' sculpture at the Met.

I will also share a photo from the past day:

The greatly cropped appearance happened becasue it is an 'armslength' portrait I took, (and I have short arms!
Perhaps I will draw a portrait from this someday soon...

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