Friday, January 28, 2011
"Intuitive Drawing: Alarmed"

Monday, January 31, 2011
"Difficult Times"

My thoughts on this weekend past are many and varied. I saw with horror the video of things broken at the Cairo Museum. I read the reports of ominous things, of what groups may be behind the destruction. I fear for the future of Egypt. I have no idea what it will be. I send strength to all those who understand what is their country's treasure, what really is the world's heritage.

Day to day we read the reports, day to day we'll know.

Meanwhile on Sunday we saw a great movie, _The King's Speech_. I felt the pain and fear of the man who would become King. He'd have rather done anything else than have been born royal. He'd have done my job and gladly. He'd have been a janitor and gladly. But that was not his fate. He did not choose where and to whom he was born.

He could, however, choose how to react to it. He chose willed conscious evolution. So he fought his fears and worked diligently with his speech coach. And in so doing, he was able to lead his country through some of its most difficult times.

Difficult times may be in our future. None of it may be of our choosing. How do we react? That we do choose.

Strength to all of us who love truth and beauty!

Saturday, February 5, 2011
"Things Hoped For"

I spent the morning working on another photo from the Oriental Institute, Priest of the Boat of Hathor. After uploading it to the web, I took note of the many browser windows I had open. As I was clicking around, I was reminded of the demonstration planned here in Yuma in support of Egypt.

I don't know what's best for Egypt. I hope they don't get someone worse than Mubarak. But they do need conditions to improve. I can't just care about Old Egypt and not be concerned about the people there now. So Julia and I ventured to join the small group, which grew as time passed.

Julia said as we walked there, that at least they have hope things will improve. Later, this was echoed in her fortune cookie message, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen." This Bible verse says it is 'evidence' of the unseen. I'm not sure 'evidence' is the logical word, but it is substance of things hoped for. And we hope so many things for Egypt.

May the people there know real freedom. May wages improve. May those who tend the ancient art at the museums be paid well. It is not just their country's heritage, it it the world's heritage of which they are caretakers. May the Egyptian people create new things in which to take pride. Let the flowering of a new renaissance begin now!

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