Thursday, February 24, 2011
"Quiet Hope Endures"

Not able to receive any inspiration for artwork, I decided to listen for a poem:

Cold chill of sad realizations,
things that cannot be,
things that never were.

But one gold thing of hope gleams-
this eternal Self within,
wing born, of Set,
mouth opened with his iron adze,
this endures.

Hope is fragile,
earth is fragile,
all but This that is within.

Around me may be rubble
of all our futility.
But a green seed is growing in the middle of it.
It pushes forth from deep core.
It rises towards air and light.

And I will feed it all it needs.

Quiet hope endures.

Reflections after receiving poem:
No doubt it is sad, on account of all the sad news of uprisings, violently resisted; earthquakes in New Zealand; discontent in so many arenas of the world. So I looked within.

"Wing born"= the ba, aspect of the soul represented by a human headed bird. The 'opening of the mouth' refers to the awakening of consciousness.

"Hope is fragile", but "quiet hope endures"? Is the quietness what enables it to endure? Loud screaming, frenzied panic, and reason can not be heard. Intuition can not be heard, either. Only if I quiet my spirit, can I hear better wisdom.

Strength to you, dear reader, and all green flourishing of your soul!

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