Sunday, October 17, 2010
"Clearly Having Fun"

Although this weekend was short, we made up for it today. We began the day with an early morning walk at Gateway Park:

Julia against the Colorado River background...

I remember last year at this time I walked a different Colorado river, this one in Austin Texas. Good memories!

We followed today's walk with breakfast at The Garden Café. We got two different types of quiche and breads and split them, so we could taste both kinds. I love the peaceful atmosphere, enhanced with all the beautiful birds and their 'music'.

A quick stop at home, and then we went out again, this time to see a movie. Julia might have found Red a little too violent, but it still managed to be fun, as the 'Retired Extremely Dangerous' characters found themselves targeted for assassination. The theater was full of 'Retired Not So Dangerous' characters. The aging actors were clearly having fun in this wild ride, spiced up with a little romance, which added to our enjoyment.

In the afternoon, I turned to artwork, while Julia turned to reading.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
"Pazuzu for President?"

"Pazuzu, son of Hanpu, king of the air devils"
Iraq, ca. 800-600 BCE
Bronze, 14.0 cm H, 9.3 cm W (5 1/2 in H, 3 5/8 in W)
Purchased in New York, 1943, OIM A25413

"An evil demon who manifests himself in the hot, oppressive, southwest wind...", I think we've seen him here in the southwest. We've certainly heard him. It's an election year, and I grow weary of all the political ads. But one could do worse than Pazuzu. He wasn't all bad. "His image was hung about the neck of the sick in order to ward off the attacking Pazuzu by sudden confrontation with his own image", "the Pazuzu-figure wards off not only Pazuzu, but other demons, such as Lamashtu..." (Othmar Keel, _The Symbolism of the Biblical World: Ancient Near Eastern Iconography_, page 79)

Those other demons! What troubles could they be brewing up? Even worse? That's what we fear of the demon-politians! But maybe the least worst will ward off potential damages of the most worst!

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