Monday, November 2, 2009

"Austin Photos"

My brief time in Austin was wonderful, beyond the power of words to describe, (well, maybe if I were a better writer?) But I will give some brief vignettes.

The first thing that I noticed was the plethora of stars, everywhere. At the entry to the restroom at the airport, a big star greeted me. Stars studded the fence around 'Lefty's Bar and Grill', an airport eatery. And the hotel where I stayed featured stars in the deco. The hotel restaurant had stars in round lights on the ceiling, and on one of its walls dividing seating areas.

Lights in the hotel hallways featured black stars:

But the carpet was the most colorful and ornate:

The newspaper is there, because the hotel gave its patrons free newspapers...

This is my favorite star!

Of course, the exuberant stars owe their cause to the state of Texas being the 'Lone Star State'!

On Sunday morning, as I enjoyed the breakfast buffet, I noticed a walking trail alongside the river. Delighted, after I finished eating, I got walking. It is a lovely scenic area, in need of attention in some areas, due to litter and such. There were very few walkers, but there were lots of runners, solo runners and group runners. I was happy to let them pass me by.

The two people in the photo were walkers. One noticed my camera, and said as she passed, "Tourists!"
(Like locals couldn't be taking photos, too?)

Congress avenue bridge over the Colorado river
WHAT, you ask, isn't the Colorado river in YUMA?

Apparently, there are SIX different 'Colorado rivers', in addition to the one we Arizonans know, which flows through the Grand Canyon and drains into the Gulf of California, there are Colorado rivers in Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, and Brazil, as well as the one in Texas!

It's a pity those runners had no time to enjoy the scenery...

Neither Julia nor I know what type of flower this is...

When I saw this sign, I turned back. One of the two trail forks was blocked off with a chain link fence.

This view is just after turning back...

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