"Early Morning Walk at Gateway Park"
Sunday, October 19, 2008

It is the season. I am up to my neck in racks and stacks and packs of black coats, blue pants, olive green coats and olive green pants. The Marines keep coming in with their things that need fixed for their celebratory Balls. So during this time, Saturdays are given to work.

Yet we've have been having fun despite the shortened time. Friday night we went to a wine tasting and afterwards I 'sobered up' at Carla Renee's. We split a portabello mushroom covered with crab sauce, then split a noodle dish with the biggest shrimp I've seen (two inches across), and then we split an ice cream sundae. We had lively conversation as we celebrated Julia's birthday one day early.

Then yesterday after work we had dinner at India House, with fish pakora, fish vindaloo and vegetable korma. We both have missed that uniquely spicy food. Then to the library, for books and DVDs. Last night we watched a charming show called _Harvey_ about a man and his 'pooka'. Not done yet, we still have _The Motorcycle Diaries_ for later entertainment.

It's been unseasonably warm this weekend (100°F / 37°C), so Julia suggested we get up at sunrise to do our walk. It has been a year since our previous visit, much too long a time.

The early morning light bathed everything in a warm glow.

Julia pointed out the tiny birds nests under the 'eaves' of the highway:

The 'Ocean to Ocean Bridge, and one for trains, compare this view to the one in full sunlight.

The view from underneath the two bridges...

I love the reflections and the overall 'glow'

A minute's walk farther, looking back at the bridges...

They've extended the trail much farther than it was. However, Julia and I would have gotten too tired if we tried to see how far it does go. Next time, perhaps we'll park in the Quartermaster Depot parking lot, and go up the trail from there.

All photos © Joan Ann Lansberry
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