Tuesday, March 30, 2010
"Cute Monkey Jar"

I'm still slowly reading the Tutankhamun book. Last night Hoving was discussing the treasures of "the Three Princesses":

"two splendid gold-and-faience headdresses, one decorated with antelope heads of great vivacity; three broad collars fashioned in gold; seven gold bracelets, including one with small reclining cats carved in feldspar; eight rings; six large gold pectorals in the form of vultures and hawks; thirty solid gold toe-stalls; three solid-gold sandals; dozens of gold rings; heart scarabs; amulets; alabaster jars banded in gold (and made for cold cream!); two gold-handled silver mirrors of exceptional beauty; a half-dozen cups and small jugs in gold; and vessels and goblets in silver, amethyst, serpentine and feldspar." (Pages 128-129)

I remember seeing SOME of those treasures when I was at the Met museum, and included a sampling of them in my photo gallery. Seven rings, two pectorals and a belt with fishes are among them. I remembered the "two gold-handled silver mirrors of exceptional beauty". But I couldn't recall any gold jugs, nor a bracelet with 'reclining cats', nor a headress with antelope heads.

I checked my camera raw photo files. No, I'd sent up all that I'd photographed. I checked Flicker photos. Hans Ollermann gives an overview of the treasures. I'd missed the jeweled wig, the bracelets, a lovely silver jug, I'd missed quite a lot.

But returning to my own photo files I found a couple of pieces I'd not included in my own gallery. This cute monkey is irresistable:

Cosmetic Vessel in the Shape of a Squatting Monkey
Dynasty 13-17 (ca. 1800-1550 BCE), From Girga (near Abydos)
Anhydrite (blue marble), eyes originally inlaid with copper
Rogers Fund, 1910 (10.176.54a,b)

(From the info card)
"The head is removable and was closed on top with a small lid (now missing). The animal wears a shell amulet around its neck, and the small bucket between its hands served as a container for the applicator. Conifer resin has been determined as an admixture to the ointment in this vessel."

He's there, now. I have also a huge offering table, possibly found in the room with all the reliefs of Amenemhat, so it is likely from the 12th Dynasty.

Thursday, April 1, 2010
"Orchid - 'Best of Class'"

info card under this link
Orchidaceae phalaenopsis "Raymond Burr" grown by Dalene Kelly

"Raymond Burr and Robert Benevides ... were responsible for the hybridization of over 2,000 new orchids."

It was not so cold and windy tonight, so Julia and I went to the fair. I enjoyed the photographs, crafts, artwork, beautiful flowers, and the petting zoo. I took many photos, the best of which I'll share in the days to come. But this luscious orchid comes first!

Friday, April 2, 2010
"More Lovely Flowers"

Phalaenopsis orchid "Magenta stripe with white spots", second place, grown by Judith Vine

Viola (Pansy), second place, grown by Shanna Register

Dendrobium Nobile orchid "Angel Smile 'Kibi'", first place, grown by Judith Vine

I didn't photograph the info, but websearch indicates this is likely a 'morning glory'

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