Monday, April 5, 2010
"Feeling the Glum"

Maybe he is reading the news, earthquake 86 miles from us yesterday, 6.9 strength, among the items?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
"Feeling the Quake"

They upgraded the quake's magnitude to 7.2, stronger than the one in Haiti. But because the epicenter was in a remote area, damage was relatively low.

Sunday was a crap day for me. I woke with a terrible sinus headache, so stayed home all day. I took many naps through the day and was sleeping when the quake hit.

When the bed first shook, I thought Julia was joining me in my nap. I opened my eyes, but Julia wasn't there. Second sleepy thought, "Ghost of Laura coming to join me in my nap?" When the bed continued to shake, I woke up fully. No visible natural cause, no invisible supernatural cause, it was not easily visible geological cause. I got out of the shaking bed to find Julia in the living room. She was still sitting on the sofa. Pictures were swinging on their hooks, but none fell. It seemed longer than a minute's worth of shaking.

When the earth finally settled, we found fallen statues. Ma'at (Goddess and/or principle of order and balance) was disturbed and in response her statue fell on its side. We uprighted the fallen statues, and held steady as we could through the many after shocks. I may not be imagining it, the cracks in our concrete patio floor seem deeper and wider than they were before.

Oddly, a 4.9 quake happened ten minutes after the Mexico quake later up by Healdsburg in Northern California and less than an hour later, a 5.1 quake happened near Imperial,CA.
A geophysicist says:
"There are many fault lines from the north to the south, she said, which run parallel to the famous San Andreas Fault. Faults in the area extend all the way down to the Sea of Cortez.

"While Dutton said researchers aren't quite sure which fault was home to Sunday's big earthquake, they do know that aftershocks of varying magnitudes are erupting all through the other faults in the area." (Source: Yuma Sun)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
"One More Orchid"

The earth quakes again, this time in Indonesia. Experts assure us the frequency of quakes is 'normal'. It doesn't seem 'normal' to me, but I might have been more convinced if a quake hadn't shaken me out of my bed from a sound sleep.

Meanwhile, I'd rather think about more tranquil things. I still haven't exhausted the fair flower photos yet, and here's one more:

I failed to capture details on this Phalaenopsis orchid ...

Saturday, April 10, 2010
"While Looking for That, I Found This ..."

I decided to change the desktop image on the new computer. We'd just been using the HP logo image that came with it. But I wanted the Metropolitan lion that's on the old computer. I needed the original camera image, though, because that one had been cropped for 8x10, which fits nicely into that monitor window. I moved the file folder of photos taken on that day's museum visit to the new computer and found the image...

Original 8x10 and piece info available for the scroll down and click through under the link.

While looking for that image, I found a piece at the Met which I hadn't sent up, a sculpture by Rodin:

Cupid and Psyche
Auguste Rodin, French, 1840-1917
Probably modeled about 1893, marble, signed: A. Rodin
Gift of Thomas F. Ryan, 1910, MMA 10.63.1

From info card:
The tale of Cupid and Psyche from The Golden Ass by the Latin author Lucius Apuleius provided Rodin with a number of subjects. This one, illustrating the moment of Psyche's abandonment by Cupid owing to the machinations of Venus, was acquired in 1893 by the American collector Charles T. Yerkes.

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