Friday, June 15, 2007

"In Transition"

Not an End but a Beginning

Wide awake with thoughts... Also, there is a keen sense of needing to wake on time and be ready when the shuttle bus comes. But I've done most of the packing already, so we should have no problem.

Airports as a symbol of transition have appeared so many times in my dreams. I have given record of some of them. Others which I haven't spoken of concern the subject of astral travel.

One morning a few months ago I had such dreams, the second in answer to the first. I was in an airport and wondered why some people I know didn't recognize me. They were rushing through the airport hallways, and I figured they were concentrating on their purposeful tasks. But others I knew were relaxed, seated at a cluster of those tiny tables airports have in their dining areas. They also did not recognize me. It was as though I wasn't there.

This puzzled me, but the second dream that morning answered it. In this dream, I had a travelling partner. We conversed as we went through the hallways. The conversation was animated, as we rushed around a corner. I thought we would crash into a large group of clustered people as we took a soaring diagonal path into them. But we passed through them unharmed and they did not notice any collision.

It was then I understood we were two traveling astral spirits. When I woke up, I knew I was also astral travelling in the first dream.

So airports have special symbology for me.

"Feeling Transparent"

11:23pm (8:23pm Arizona Time)
"Safe Landing"

We've made it safely home. While waiting for the cab, the stored heat in the concrete seat did not bother me a bit. In fact it felt good to my aching joints. There's a reason so many retire here!

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