Hathor (Hethert) Enthroned

     "Sharpie Pen" and colored pencil on acid free paper, 17.8 x 25.3 cm (7 x 10 in.),
     spiral rings removed after the scan:

Colored and linear versions both © Joan Ann Lansberry, May 2015

I got inspired by this image of Hathor with a Ma'at feather:

The above seated Hathor with a feather of Ma'at at her sun disc was found in a drawing of Mariette from Dendara, from the grand temple, exterior of room A, in the first book of the plates from his _Description Générale_, (T.I. PL3).

So I worked up a sketch model:

First off, I lowered those ridiculous Ptolemaic 'boobies', and gave her more reasonably sized hips. Then I simplified the glyphs, to just have "Hathor, Mistress of the Sky" and "Mistress of the Sycamore". I changed the throne decoration a bit, too:

Once I got going, I changed a few more things:

I simplified her dress and the glyphs even more. I noticed in the Karnak scene, Set's title "Lord of the Sky" has just the 'sky' glyph and not the square 'p' and the 't'. So not to have a cramped appearance, I omitted them here, too. But I referred to an example of the Vulture headdress, and gave it and the jewelry more detail.

Here's an interesting quote about Hathor and Ma'at:

"Of great importance too is the association of 'vitality' (nefer) with Hathor and Maat, the two solar goddesses intimately connected with the throat and heart.1 Amun-Re is said to 'wear Maat' like an amulet at his throat, she rests on his breast. And guarding this vital region of his body she becomes his nourishing food:

"Your food is Maat, your drink is Maat
Your bread is Maat, your beer is Maat

"Nurturing the vital life of the solar god, Maat manifests in the nutritive throat region when food offerings are brought. So, when bringing the god offerings, the king invokes the goddess who assists the ingestion of food:

"Receive Maat so that
   you may satisfy your heart.
This your Meret-goddess,
   who does not leave you.
The throat is before you every day
   so that you may live from her.

"But as both are daughters of Re, Maat cannot be separated from Hathor. The guiding influence of Maat needs the energizing vitality and life-blood of Hathor to maintain her way of the world." - Alison Roberts, My Heart My Mother, Northgate Publishers 2000, (Pages 122-123)

2. The 'offering of Maat' text in Amun-Re's cult is published in A Moret, Le rituel du culte divin journalier en Égypte d'après les Papyrus de Berlin et les textes du Temple de Séti Ier, à Abydos. Paris 1902, 138-47. For Maat's association with the throat see Bergman, Ich bin Isis, 182-90

3. H Junker and E. Winter, Das Geburtshaus des Tempels der Isis in Philä 2. Vienna 1965, 293, 1-4; Bergman, Ich bin Isis, 187. (Speech of the king whilst whilst offering Maat to Amun).