Wepwawet Statue is at Last Upright!
August 28, 2016

It's taken some doing, but at last I've got Wepwawet's statue upright. I tried to have a pretty base, but apparently I wasn't able to make myself clear as to what I needed. I said many times, "There has to be room for the tail to hang over the edge!" I though I'd made myself clear about the back right foot/front left foot alignment, but apparently I failed to communicate on that score, too.

So enter "Plan B". Not as pretty as a wooden base would have been. But so far, it's functional. The air-drying clay began drying before much refinements could be done to the block. Of course I worked on the screw/bolt openings first. By the time I got them functional, testing it against the statue, all I could do for pretties was scratch a little ankh into it. But, hey, it works!

I do want to get a embroidered ribbon to put around the outside edges, and secure it in the back. And of course, other pretties for the area. But I feel accomplished to get this much done!

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