If I Water It
May 25, 2020

A bit of "stream of consciousness" writing:

Small feet,
Small hands:
I do not wish to drop the Treasure.
I hold it in my heart.
It is Everything,
and Potential for Everything,
It IS...
May It Become!
My heart is light with a sense of knowing.
It illuminates the dark quarters within me.
It brings Air to the musty, dusty places within me.
I breathe deeply.
This treasure that glows within my heart:
The seed Divine Father gave me,
The seed Divine Mother planted and blessed with her tears of love.
It glows within me.
It grows within me...
If I water it!

I am here to receive the sun of Ra's blessings.
It will become,
It will grow.
The dark places will be illuminated.
I shall wait with hope.

By Joan Ann Lansberry
May 25, 2020
(Printable pdf: if-i-water-it.pdf)

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