Just in Time for Beautiful Reunion
June 20, 2020


Not including hem, 13.5 x 18 cm (5.25 x 7 in.)
© Joan Ann Lansberry, June 2020

After declaring in a forum "There can never be too many images of Hathor!", I looked to a piece I did five years ago for inspiration. The colored pencil piece was colored from a digital trace of a photo from Horemheb's tomb KV57.

Photo by William Petty from KV 57 that served as a guide for both the 2015 and 2020 pieces, (courtesy William Petty)

So I took the linear piece and cropped it for the close up to use behind an 18-grid needlepoint grid planner:

I changed the lines of the original to be graceful arches, and aimed for a more naturally sized eye (keeping the traditional frontal view used in side views in ancient depictions). I also simplified her collar bands.

I got her hung up in my shrine plex in time for the Beautiful Reunion of 2020. She has a six inch wide purchased hanger that features a little heart at the center, which seems entirely appropriate for Hathor:

There is another new addition here, a tiny "Eye of Ra":

Not including hem, it is only 6cm wide, and the hanger is only 3 inches wide
Colors for this version: Dark navy 939, gold 729 and eye white 712

It took three different tries to get the pattern right:

Pattern with versions for both "Eye of Ra" and "Eye of Heru" available, only 34 "pixels" wide for eye, not including background.

It requires a great deal of sjimplification when creating a design so small. To compare, here is the original Wadjet I did, back in 2015, which is about 5 by 4 inches:

That needlepoint, compared to the original which I used for a pattern

Eye of Heru Version:

Colors for this version: (DMC) Dark navy 939, varigated blue 4230, eye liner and outside border 799 and eye white "blanc" or B5200

Another Eye of Ra Version:

Colors for this version: (DMC) Dark brown 3371, background 2 shades: yellowish orange 741 and orangish yellow 742, eye liner and border accents maroon 814, deep rose border and eye highlight 3350, eye white 712

Yet Another Eye of Ra Version:

According to the Kemetic calender, as of June 29th, it is only day 9 of the 14 day Beautiful Reunion celebration, so still in time!
This design is slightly bigger than the tiny design, I've yet to try it out, so there may be revisions. (There were.) (Printable, Eye of Heru, too!)

I finished this very lunar looking Eye of Heru on July 2nd, on the 12th day of the Beautiful Reunion:
Exactly 11 cm wide (4.33 inches)

Colors for this version: (DMC) Eye itself: B5200, other part of eye (and corner accent) dark navy 939, eye liner and border 799, and underneath brow 797. The night sky is a combo of various blues: the 797 combined with a variated blue, navy and purple combo (DMC thread 4240), then the combo mixed with navy 820.
(I learned later how to use the thread preserving the band with identifying info)

Another Eye of Ra Version:

This one was done on 18 grid, using 3 strands with cross stitch, which allows for subtle color blending.
Colors for this version: (DMC) Maroon 22, light orange 722, orange 721, white 55200, black 310, pinkish beige 223
Back ground 2 strand of 722 and 1 strand orange 721; eyeshadow, mixture of pinkish beign, and orange. Outer border peach is 2 strands 722 and 1 strand white. inner white border, 2 white strands, I strand 722

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