By the Strength of Her Love
February 15, 2014

It was sought in the public place,
but it was not to be found there.
What was she seeking,
this thing of no price,
but of all value?
Only she could say,
only she could find.
But when her heart's desire came into being,
the leaping joy of triumph danced.
The newly born would soon dance, too.
And given voice, would soon sing
sweet songs, unlike any others,
charming songs that would soothe and give hope.
Of great love, this is born.
She brought it into being
by the strength of her love,
by the amazing, unstoppable force of her boundless love.

JAL, 2-15-14
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Possibly inspired by this tale about Parvati:
"Ganesha was Parvati's son born from her own desire and the perfumed scruff of her body." (pg.365) "Ganesha was born as Parvati's son; Shiva was his father only inasmuch as Parvati's longing for a son had arisen in her as Shiva's wife." (pg. 364), purely "as the result of Parvati's desire." (pg.365)
(The Presence of Siva, by Stella Kramrisch, Princeton University Press, 1981)

Kramrisch is Curator of Indian Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Professor of Indian Art at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

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