Some Tiny Additions
May 26, 2022

I decided it was time to upgrade Set's reclining statue with a new necklace:

There are garnet, yellow agate, carnelian, yellow jade and brass spacers and scarab
The old necklace looked nice in 2014, but in eight years it had turned black.

In less direct sunlight....(Statue by Lena Toritch)

I decided to move Set's iron meteorite out for better visibility
Julia and I acquired it in 2006, at a Mensa gathering, it is 15.95 grams.
(Set's medallion by me)

I added to Hathor's pile of pink crystals...
Along with the rhodochrosite slab, she has more pink tourmalines, a strawberry quartz heart and a rhodonite heart.
(Rhodonite's veining is dark, while rhodochrosite has white swirling bands.)
(Only the strawberry quartz heart is new)

I found some pink beads online in the shape of tiny hearts, which I hope to make into beads for Hathor.

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