Dream: The New Stereo
January 20, 2020

The crazy dream...

Julia and I are living in my grandmother's house. We've just gotten a new stereo. The technician has just brought it by, and I am cleaning up the remains. I gather it all in a paper wrapping, and mean to give it back to the technician.

But I get confused. I go out to the back yard, to look for the recycle bin. Then realize I need to put this on the technician's truck. Alas, he is leaving as I get back to the front yard. I chase after him, and his flat bed truck. A group of children are riding on it. I run and I run, but they are ignoring me. I shout. I shout louder.

But they keep on going.

I did get someone's attention though. Julia is woken up, which then in turn wakes me up.

I wanted so badly to recycle, to do my eco-logical part.

What's it all mean? What did the new stereo have that the old one didn't? Was it a spiritual receiving station? Whereby we can receive the words of the Gods? All the stations, all the words?

Few listen to station KMET anymore. But Djehuty figured out how to do it. And Ptah, who is always creating, joined in. Creator Gods are still creating.

All we have to do is turn on our listening ears. And dial in.

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