Not Getting Mired in Discouragement
January 5, 2020

A Query Via the Internet:

"Who will YOU be in 2020?"

I answered:

"I hope to get more adventurous with my art projects. I hope to be joyful and peaceful (most of the time), and to not get mired in discouragement. I think I can handle this..."

This morning at 5:12am, I wake, feeling mired.

My shoulder aches. For a couple of weeks, I've been noticing increasing tenderness. I read via the web about "bursitis" and learned rest is best.

I was trying to do my needlepoint yesterday. I'm so pleased with the way Ptah's Needlepoint is coming along. I thought maybe if I take a few stitches and rest, I could keep going. But no, there's something about the way I have to hold the canvas, that forces the left shoulder forward. Also, there's a thumb joint on the right hand that may have bursitis, too.

I realize I have to quit stitching. I packed up the canvas and the yarns in a bag and put it away. I'm SO DISCOURAGED. It may be months before I can return to it.

I have a strong will. (It's one of my characteristics that I like to imagine makes Set smile.) But I can't keep forcing this. The shoulder pain got excruciating yesterday.

I'm so disappointed. I admit I was using the needlepointing for more than just artistic expression. It was helping me to keep calm. I've found it hard lately to concentrate on reading.

But now I'm going to have to find other ways to distract myself.

How? With what?

I've got to say I'm rather glad for the almost year now of "surprise retirement". I'm glad I had a year to do art before my body got more decrepit.

Anyway, 2020 lies ahead, and what shall I do with it?

I remain alert for possibilities that won't injure me!

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