Shrine Renovation
March 29, 2015

Represented here from left to right are:
Ptah-Sokar-Wesir, Hathor-Sekhmet, Heruwer, Set, (Set again! :)), and Thoth (aka Djehuty)

No glyphs for Ptah-Sokar-Wesir, and yes, this image has been long a part of my sacred space, seen in this link back in 2013, serving as an icon for Ptah, and now it's serving for Ptah-Sokar-Wesir. While the other icons have identifying glyphs, this one does not, so it's flexible that way. :) Besides, there's A LOT of glyphs necessary to spell out this deity's name!

Hethert-Sekhmet's image has only the identifying glyphs for Hethert, and this is because it derives from a scene in Horemheb's tomb, KV57. So how to make up the difference? I put underneath the visible image, another image, a photo of a statue of Sekhmet at the Met museum. This to me suggests Hethert-Sekhmet's changeable nature isn't readily apparent. She's all happiness and dancing until some injustice (isfet) makes her very, very angry! To supplement this, I placed a tiny reclining lioness statuette nearby. Where I to have used all the glyphs, Hethert-Sekhmet's identification would include the following:

Heru-Wer (translated as Horus the Elder, but more exactly as Horus-the-Great, as opposed to "Horus-the-Kid"), is represented in a laser-cut plaque I designed and had cut in 2009. I received the Eye-of-Horus pendent as a gift, and this is a perfect spot to place it. Heru-Wer's glyphs are:

You may recognize the source of the colorful icon of Set, adapted from the illustration for the poem "Remember", which I wrote last December. There are many ways to write Set's name, I've chosen the most common.

And at far right, we have Thoth (Djehuty), a digitally colored drawing I did back in 2007. Thoth's glyphs can include the glyph for bearded male god:

What's on the shelf down below? Here is the view which includes everywhere here:

A flat view of Ma'at, a statue of Ma'at, a statue of Sekhmet better seen in this link...

Close up of center section...

Then a statue of Wesir (Osiris), and one of Bast, seen in close-up here, and yet another of Set. Is this too much Set-itude? :) I'll likely replace this one later with one of Wepwawet, but I wanted symmetry right now.

Close up of top right-hand side...

April 2, 2015:

Close up of bottom right-hand side, after image switching, here's Wepwawet.

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