Thursday, September 22, 2022
In Need of Stability!

Cross stitch on 20 grid aida...

The Djed pillar symbolizes stability, in ancient Egyptian art. This is the third fiber art rendition I've done of the Djed that's found in Queen Nefertari's tomb. The previous two were done in needlepoint, rather than cross stitch tapestry. Also, with this one, I'm attempting to use abstract elements to convey 'stability'. We have a strongly weighted base, for instance.

Unfortunately, however, our four year old computer is no longer stable. I can't open Photoshop, and so our photo is straight from the camera, all 10K of it, and on its side no less.

Note of October 9, 2022:
I was able to open Photoshop today!, follow link to see cropped, rotated and slightly brightened version.

Monday, October 3, 2022
Dream Shirt

I kept dreaming this shirt over and over, so I took note of it and sketched.
(This is auto-scan, auto cropped.
(For the display pixel count, I just divided total pixels by four (without Photoshop math, I can't be so specific.))

Dream symbolism: Green and black, possibly nature colors, symbolizing renewal.
The brick-like design perhaps symbolizes building renewal, step by step.
(I am having a 'step by step' decluttering (renewal) process.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Nearly Done!
6:10 am

Roughly 7x10 inches, not including hem.
Bottom hem is all done now, I just have the top casing to finish.....
(Photoshop seems to work, if no other programs other than the browser are open.)

Friday, October 21, 2022
Djed Tapestry is Done!
10:29 am

Medallion of Nit is by me, creation process HERE.

(And I have a sketch to go by for the next project:
Side facing Hathor, loosely based on the one in Horemheb's tomb, but with pale gold background....)

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