Djed Pillar based on one from Nefertari's Tomb

Needlepoint, 18 grid aida canvas, without hem, about 7.5 x 11 inches....

It all began five years ago with a drawing I did:

Enduring Strength
I based it on the personified Djed pillar in Nefertari's tomb:

Best example: Kairoinfo4u

Process detail showing break in stitch direction at the center

I have the pattern and instructions, should you wish to attempt a version of your own!

This design is so enjoyable to do, I made a second one! I tried to make the backside much neater, with no hanging threads. The above photo is from the second version, which turned out a bit nicer. The first one is here. Also, I included subtle initials in the gray ground:

Using the dark green thread....