Monday, December 7, 2020
Trekking through the Past

Julia and I have been enjoying Star Trek videos. We watched the first season of Star Trek: Picard, followed by the four "Next Generation" movies. These four movies aired for the first time from 1994 to 2002.

Neither Julia nor I remember seeing Star Trek Generations, the first movie, which aired very soon after the end of the television series. We did remember seeing the second movie, First Contact, as the Borg queen is one of the most memorable villains ever!

But we were uncertain about the third movie, Insurrection. Julia thought she vaguely remembered the peaceful village and theme of rejuvenation. I hunted out old journal entries to discover I had written about having seen it.

It felt odd to read about a day I'd completely forgotten. Reading it begins to tease old brain cells into faint remembrance.

I did remember seeing the final movie, Nemesis. While many of the details of that day had been lost to me, I remember the theater with the smelly carpet, reeking of old popcorn, and eating at the restaurant across the street. It seems to me to echo an earlier day that was similar. Did Laura, Julia and I see First Contact six years earlier in Yuma, at that theater and eat at the same restaurant? I didn't write it down, so now I am uncertain.

But I did record the day we saw Nemesis. I was impressed with my younger self's analysis. She made an excellent observation regarding Data's prototype "B4". Days of my past have been restored to me. I will endeavor to journal more faithfully.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Color Testing

My self portrait is all done, except for two silver Egyptian lilies (aka "lotuses") that I'm waiting on. The package containing them is in a sort of purgatory, at the bottom of a mountain of packages at the Phoenix hub post office, and I have no idea how long it will remain there. (A similar package (also for the charm bottom), containing a small Ma'at feather and a Tyet knot, spent from December 2nd to December 15th in that purgatory, until it arrived on the 16th.) I don't want to photograph it in the incomplete state. But meanwhile, I'm beginning to plot the colors for Julia's portrait.

A look back at our photos, side by side...

Julia's color test, compared with a process photo of my portrait...

(My apologies if this explanation comes across as an unintelligible or at best hopelessly arcane. I tried to explain as simply as I could, but... here goes:)
The purple background is a 180 degree hue shift (using Photoshop's "Hue/Saturation" tool) of my greenish background, (to be 'opposite, but complimentary'). The maroon garment color is a darkened version of the muted dark pink that happened with the original 180 degree color shift. Maroon is one of Julia's favorite colors (as the deep turquoise is mine), so again, there is the 'opposite, but complimentary' effect going on.

Her border is a only slightly color shifted version of my border. In this shift, the gold turns more greenish, which echoes better with my green background. (See left color sampling pair.) The light tone of this greenish color echoes the light skin tone. That color shift also made the pink part of the border more cool toned, and more similar to the cool tones of the dress color. (See right color sampling pair, the lightened dress maroon beside the pink border sample.)

Color test in gray scale...

Taking a crop of an earlier process photo, and doing the 180 hue shift,
to see what thread combo I will need to achieve the light purple,
(or do I want a less contrasty combo, for a less 'heathered' result?)

Possible threads for Julia's background....

I think the lighter purplish blue will work better than the dark bluish purple
(But I've sent for both, so I'm prepared in any case.)

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