Saturday, December 19, 1998
"Appreciating the Moment"

The days grow closer to Christmas. I bought the last gift I needed today while we were out. We had a great day. In the morning Laura wanted to celebrate being done with the job of chronicler for the SCA. So we went out to eat at Denny's. I had the 'scram slam', tasty scrambled eggs mixed with onions, green peppers and other tidbits. Now I'm trying to be good by postponing dinner as late as possible. We debated what to do to amuse ourselves the rest of the day. Laura at first suggested a walk in the Arboretum. But Julia didn't feel up to it. Then she suggested going to Flagstaff. Julia wisely advised checking the weather there before embarking on a trip north into higher elevation. Snow seemed a possibility. Yuma was even mentioned. Then Laura remembered there is a new Star Trek movie out. Star Trek: Insurrection is the ninth in the series. While we sat in the movie theater, waiting for the show to begin, I read The Arizona Republic's entertainment magazine the Rep. The plot synopsis is as follows:

"No. 9 in the series has Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his crew violating Federation orders to rescue the inhabitants of a technology-rejecting planet."

The reviewer goes on to say:
"The story is barely substantial enough, the pace sluggish and the special effects tinny."

He then went on to say only 'Trekkers' would like it. We do qualify as 'Trekkers', as we never miss a new show of Star Trek: Voyager and try to catch the Earth: Final Conflict and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine shows when possible. It wasn't the best Star Trek movie ever. But it certainly wasn't 'sluggish', nor was the plot thin. We each felt well satisfied.At one point in the movie, Picard is talking with an attractive lady (and to whom Picard feels a bit of attraction) of the Ba'ku about their way of life. During her three hundred plus years, she has learned to really appreciate 'the moment', for a moment itself can contain so much.

This concept is still fresh when, due to the special properties of this rejuvenating planet, chief engineer Gordi's eyes regenerate and he no longer needs his optical assistance. He experiences the marvel of a sunrise. The peak glory of a sunrise lasts only for a moment.

This reference was serendipitous, for we left early enough this very morning to catch the sunrise. I remembered to take the camera. Laura parked the car and we watched its progression. I was able to capture it just at its height of bloom:

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