Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Portrait of Julia and other Art Projects

While I've been sharing the photos of art I saw back in 2015, I've been busy with some of my own art.

I geared up for attempting a long neglected art project. It's been nearly TWO YEARS that this poor armature has sat, all "boney".

I started with sketching from a similar statue of Heru (Horus), that is only the body, (and changing out the falcon head for a Set head, .)

Miho Museum in Japan has a lovely silver statue of Horus. It used to have gold gilding, as evidenced by what remains. I imagine the missing throne was of pure gold.

I happened upon a video of an artist creating a sculpture of a head. I could tell they were using the plasticina clay that I used, so knew I could learn from this video. That sculptor took the wire armature and put aluminum foil around the head to build it up first before applying the clay.

So I did so, too:

I've progressed since that photo. I put foil on the board, and saran wrap around the throne, so it won't get messy. And I've got some clay on 'him'. The thighs and torso are taking shape, I'm happy to say. If I may say so, at this point, an ugly result is better than no result.

I took a break from this project to read a biography of Cézanne that I've borrowed from the library. I'm on the second chapter, where the author is talking about his relationship with his father. He would paint portraits of his father as he was reading the newspaper.

I looked up from the book to see Julia at the computer. I realized I could have a go at drawing her, as she doesn't move around a lot when she's busy with the genealogy:

(The front of her hair has more gray than the back of her hair...)

I think I'm starting to get better at this!

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