Tuesday, February 26, 2019
The Name of SekhemAnkhPtah

I've done a little drawing each day for three days now; I hope this trend continues. I find I'm going after something different with this sketchbook. I am just doing freehand as the goal is primarily observation. I find I enter into a different state of being when just observing. I feel as though I'm opening up and unfreezing.

I didn't know if I would just keep with objects around the house. But then I thought the same goal of "observation" could be achieved with a photo. The photo from which I drew this morning does happen to be one I took, so at some point in time, I did lay my physical eyes on the "object".

"Powerful (and) alive (is) Ptah"
SekhemAnkhPtah was a priest and scribe who held important judical and treasury offices during the Fifth Dynasty. Wife was Princess Bwnefer, his son was Seshemnefer, daughter was Meritites (the one beloved of her father).
Info from Museum of Fine Arts at Boston (Offering chapel of Sekhemankhptah MFA #04.1760). Also from _The Tombs of Iteti, Sekhen'ankh-Ptah and Kaemnofert at Giza_, by Alexander Badawy (University of California Press, 1976), page 21.

A confession of the clean-up:

Just the sketchbook borders and blotchies removed, along with a 2% clockwise rotation of lower text.

The photo from which I sketched. No, I wasn't going to include the damage of the ages!

I was curious about the meaning of that weird spiky fish, and the jackal.

"Regional Administrative Dignitary" (Aka "Big Fish in a Small Pond")

(Note of February 27, 2019)

I did a digital fix, with the thought of using it as an illustration for the photo gallery page, then changed my mind.

I ended up just using the transliterese, as "html special characters" do not include these symbols.
But it does include heart, spade, club and diamond:
♥ ♠ ♣ ♦ (!)
Meanwhile Manuel de Codage:
sxm anx PtaH

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Looking as Bad as I Feel

I showed up, I drew, but, wow, did I ever get it wrong. In hindsight, the messed up eyes reflect my sinus headache. Yup, this one looks as bad as I feel! Hah!

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