Sunday, October 28, 2018
More Things of Tutankhamun!

I'm sore, really sore after a surgery. But I'm on the mend and do a bit and rest a bit. It's been distracting to look at more lovely things of Tutankhamun. These are some pieces that surrounded his mummy:

Trappings of King Tutankhamun's Mummy
"King Tutankhamun's mummy was adorned over the first bandages around the waist with a belt of both gold and glazed beads."

Info from Global Egyptian Museum
Previously JE 60673, Now Grand Egyptian Museum #759-A:J???

Rotating this image 180 degrees and flipping horizontally, we can read the reflection: GEM 759-A:J (???)

A better view of his toe stalls and golden slipper...
Grand Egyptian Museum accession number ???

Red Wooden Semicircular Box and Lid Inlaid with Ebony and Ivory
Ebony, Red Wood, Gold Leaf, Bronze
Grand Egyptian Museum, Box: #12720.1, Lid: #12720.2
"Cartouches of Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun appear on the front of the box. Below is the sema-tawy, the sign denoting the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt."

Painted Calcite Box with Floral Decoration on Vaulted Lid
Alabaster, Obsidian (knobs)
Length 33 cm (13 inches), width 17 cm (6.69 inches), height 24 cm (9.44 inches)
Box: Grand Egyptian Museum #255.1
Lid: Grand Egyptian Museum #255.2 (The box and lid together formerly JE 61466)

"Two bundles of human hair found here possibly belonged to Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun. Along with a small ivory pomegranate found with them, these may represent the couple's marriage contract." (info card)
The text "contains just the cartouches of Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun with titles and the tags 'given life forever' for the King, and 'may she libr, may she be fruitful' for the queen." (T.G.H. James, Tutankhamun, Metro books/White Star 2000) page 313)

Calcite Vase on Stand, Cartouches of Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun
Height: 64.5 cm (25.39 inches)
Grand Egyptian Museum #40 (Previously JE 62123)

"The upper part of this splendid alabaster vase is decorated with cornices and plants.

"It is set on a pedestal in a form of a stool. The body of the vase is adorned with three cartouches bearing the name of King Tutankhamun and that of his consort, Queen Ankhesenamun.

"The left side bears the figure of a uraeus, or royal cobra, wearing the Red Crown and holding the Was and Shen scepters." (Info: Global Egyptian Museum

Calcite Unguent Vase with Papyrus and Lily (Lotus) Flower Design
Grand Egyptian Museum #45

Vase to the right:
Calcite Tall Vase Inlaid with Faience
Height 65.8cm (26inches)
Grand Egyptian Museum #70
"A brown residue from a perfumed oil was found inside this Egyptian alabaster vase. Oils, essential for rituals, were highly valued."

I'm almost through with these photos!

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