Monday, November 12, 2018
Still More Things of Tutankhamun!

I'm feeling better each day, soon I may be able to sleep again on my right side! I continue my explorations of my Tutankhamun photos where I left off:

Alabaster (Calcite) Vase with Stopper and Names of Thutmose III
Grand Egyptian Museum #4818
"The name of Tutankhamun's ancestor, Thutmose III, is inscribed on this vase, probably used to store perfume or oil for rituals."
Vase behind:
Calcite Tall Vase Inlaid with Faience
Height 65.8cm (26inches)
Grand Egyptian Museum #70 "A brown residue from a perfumed oil was found inside this Egyptian alabaster vase. Oils, essential for rituals, were highly valued."

Close up of Thutmose III's cartouches, "Djehutymose Menkheperra":
"Djehuty (Thoth) is born, Lasting are the Manifestations of Ra"

I might have shared this extraordinary statue via Facebook, I know I processed it and printed it. But I forgot to share it here:

Solar Hawk Horus Figure
Wood, Gesso, Gold Leaf
Grand Egyptian Museum, #828
"This gilded wooden hawk with a sun disk on its head was fitted over the center pole, part of the decoration of the chariot."

Silver Trumpet with Gilding
Hammered and Chased Silver, with Gold
Length: 58.2cm (23 inches) Grand Egyptian Museum #? (Used to be JE 62007)
Wooden Core
"This silver trumpet with its golden mouthpiece was found with a decorated wooden core inside, probably to protect the thin metal from distortion, or to help in cleaning inside its tube with a piece of cloth.
"The decoration on the bell shows incised scenes of the gods Amun-Re and Re-Horakhty before Ptah.
"From experiments, the sound produced was described as "raucous and powerful" and it is likely that the trumpet signal code was a rhythmic one on a single pitch."(Info from Global Egyptian Museum)

In this close up, we can see Ra-Horakhty "Lord of Heaven" and Amun-Ra...

Ebony and Cedar Chest on Tall Legs
Red-Brown Wood, Ebony, Gold Leaf, Bronze
Height 70cm (25.5 inches), Width 43.7cm (17.2 inches), Depth 40cm (15 3/4 inches)
Grand Egyptian Museum #257

"The inscriptions on the chest include names and epithets of the king. Some refer to Tutankhamun's reopening of temples closed during the Amarna period."

Minature Game Board
Ivory Board and Drawer
Length 13.5cm (5.31 inches), Width 4.1cm (1.61 inches), Height 2.7cm (1.06 inches)
Grand Egyptian Museum #10964

White Cone-Shaped Ivory Game Pieces, Grand Egyptian Museum #3238
Red Dyed Ivory Disk-Shaped Game Pieces, Grand Egyptian Museum #3238

Grand Egyptian Museum: #4522, #4495, #4509, #11786
"Because of the angles of their curves, none of these boomerangs were able to return to the thrower, but other boomerangs included in the tomb had this capacity."

Painted Wooden Mastless Boat with Two-Story Cabin and Two Steering Paddles
Grand Egyptian Museum #?
"Thirty five boats were discovered among Tutankhamun's burial equipment. Eighteen were in the Treasury, most perched on top of the chests along the south wall, and all with their prows facing west. The remaining seventeen [] were in the Annexe, where they had been thrown carelessly." Zahi Hawass, Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs (National Geographic 2005), page 247

Grand Egyptian Museum #?

"Tutankhamun's tomb contained three large ritual couches and six examples of everyday beds. Associated with these couches and beds were eight headrests, low pillars with curved tops on which the head was placed." Zahi Hawass, Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs (National Geographic 2005), page 236

Gilded Wooden Bed
Wood, Gold Leaf
Grand Egyptian Museum #14276
"The bed's ebony frame is covered with gold leaf. Carved on the footboard are Bes, guardian of newborns, and the hippopotamus-faced Taweret, who provide protection."

Inscribed Turquoise Blue Glass Headrest with Gold Band
Glass, Gold Leaf
Grand Egyptian Museum #266
"By studying and adapting techniques from the Near East, New Kingdom glassmakers became expert at their craft. Tutankhamun's name is inscribed on both headrests."
Inscribed Dark Blue Faience Headrest
Faience, Gold Leaf
Grand Egyptian Museum #267
"Ra'a daily voyage across the sky represented resurrection. Blue, the color of the sky, was a symbol of the magical rebirth that would occur in the afterlife."

There will be just one more entry about Tutankhamun's things. I'm surprised to find I've saved some of the finest for the last. We'll have lots of amazing jewelry and amulets, listing so I don't miss any: 3 scarabs bracelet, lunar boat pectoral, Baboons with Rising Sun Pectoral, 5 scarab pectoral, Winged Scarab Pectoral, Winged Uraeus, Gold Hawk, Gold Nekhbet/Wadjet, Tut on a Panther, Tut in the White Crown, Tut's Was scepter, and one of my most favorite statues of Ptah (which I'd shared via Facebook, but not here.)

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