Saturday, May 19, 2018
Old and New Beauties!

My favorite photographers are so generous. Although I can't get to Egypt, they share their photos so I can visit through their camera eyes.

I have so many new pieces to add to my gatherings. I'm a bit frustrated by my organization of the "Set Find" pages. I can't find anything, and I have some idea of what I've placed there. I know it must be even worse for anyone else. My apologies, dear readers! (But there will be new additions there when I have a chance to organize these better.)

Meanwhile, a lovely "Hathor Find". I love the way the artist depicted Hathor. I love the way the artist did the subject's toes. I was able to read the accession number on Heidi Kontkanon's photo, and thus was able to learn more:

Block Statue of Pakhraf (son of Hor-sa-aset)
Graywacke, 48 cm tall
26th Dyn., reign of Psamtek I Wahibre (664-610 BCE)
(From the "Karnak Cachette"), Cairo JE 37171

I was able to find three sources for this piece. One is in Italian, but with photos. One is is English, and by comparing two online sources, I've managed what may be the complete reference. And one is in French, but I could manage it okay.

From Pernigotti's article, I was able to get the subject's name and one photo showing an interesting perspective from above. I hope it is "fair use" to share the following:

From this view, we see the cartouches for Psamtek I Wahibre and the unusual way the hands are depicted.
Sergio Pernigotti
Rivista degli studi orientali
Vol. 44, Fasc. 4 (Dicembre 1969), pp. 259-271
Published by: Sapienza - Universita di Roma
Stable URL:

I found many more photos at the Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale's website.

I took one of those as the main guide for this tracing, but needed to refer to all of the photos to discern the close details:

Pakhraf, Overseer of cargo boats of the Lord of the Two Lands
Source: Statues of the XXVth and XXVIth Dynasties
By Jack A. Josephson and Mamdouh Mohamed Eldamaty

Also, these authors give a more precise dating but disagree with Pernigotti:
"Pernigotti argues that this statue must have been made after year 34 of Psamtik's reign because Paakhref's title was held by another official until that time. Despite this opinion, we believe the statue should be dated somewhat earlier, circ 650-640 B.C.E." (Page 98)

Josephson and Eldamaty also give clear copies of all the hieroglyphs, but I wasn't able to find direct translations. They may be tucked in a part of the book not accessible to online peeksies.

I can only make out with my dabbling knowledge, the standard "An offering that the king gives"...something... "Lord Amun-Ra"...something..."Two lands"..."All the Gods of?"..."Waset"

I won't be sending for that book anytime soon, as I need to curb my expenses. I've had way too much fun at Shapeways! But the magnificent Herus have arrived:

If you feel greatly called, one or more may arrive at your dwelling, too. (They are now placed in the shop!)

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