Sunday, March 25, 2018
New Camera!

I got weary of less than perfect light situations rendering photos that were very dark and thus speckly when brightened in Photoshop. Also, I would see photos others shared, with such sharp details. Envy grew within me greatly. The old Canon PowerShot has been with me a long time, since 2006. It has served well. I'm sure its big brother, EOS Rebel 6T, will serve me well, too!

Of course, because I am not a professional, I have everything set to "Auto Focus". I had no clue how the flash would work. I didn't see one on it, only a groove where an external flash might be placed. The booklet assured there is an internal flash.

It was past five o'clock, (for some reason, I didn't set the time clock right, the photo info says "3:27am"?), and this was one of the very first photos:

No editing in Photoshop, other than a little cropping!

The flash sprung into action for this photo. It lifted up from the top. Even so, it didn't make all the pale colors ghastly bright.

There is a "no flash" option on the round mode choice dial. It has the same features as regular "auto-focus", just that no flash will happen. This is a similar view of this scene without flash:

Very little editing in Photoshop, only a little cropping, a little brightening of Set's statue and a slight dimming of the white heart!

Naturally, Julia was curious to get into the action. She got her shoes on, and we headed outside. It was about 6pm, and the light was starting to dim just a bit. I took turns positioning her so that the remaining light shown on her. There is no photo editing, except for a crop to 6x8" and a slight brightening of Julia:

I am happy!!!!

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