Sunday, January 29, 2017
Sunday Progress Report

I've had such a musically rich weekend. Saturday morning, Julia and I took the luxury of seeing La La Land a second time. I loved it even more this time. Afterwards, we shared veggie egg foo yung and green curried vegetables at Asian Star to celebrate Chinese New Year. We topped it off with mochi ice cream, a new treat for me.

In the evening, I enjoyed the folk music programs on KAWC, the local college radio station. I really like what Chris Thile, the new host, is doing with A Prairie Home Companion.

Sunday morning, I tested Tristan and Isolde, a four hour opera! I got hooked, and had to know how it all ended. I guess I was hopeful. Tristan was clearly dead at end, but maybe Isolde only fell unconscious after her beautiful aria? I had to look it up. Alas, a sad end for both of them!

Then we listened to more beautiful music via internet radio, WBJC from Maryland. Tonight we await the good dramas on PBS.

And I made more progress on my Hathor needlepoint:

She's steadily getting finished!

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