Friday, March 25, 2016
Arrived at Last!


The IDEA went through lots of changes before I was happy with it!

When I was happy with the drawings, I sort of patiently waited to send them off to the sculptor, Lena Toritch.

On the left is the clay mould, on the raw is the raw bronze before patination

Two views in bright sunlight, one at home with our bougainvillea bush, and one at the foundry, after patination

I had a scare before Ptah's arrival. After I "patiently" waited for Julia to get done with her genealogical research and relinquish the computer, I went to check the email. I found a message from UPS that a package had been delivered at 10:30am. I started screaming, "Oh no! It has NOT been delivered!" I went into full scale panic mode. I left messages with the sculptor... Then I remembered, a package HAD been delivered earlier. I'd been occupying myself with that package, a book "Adoration of the Ram", texts from the Hibis temple by David Klotz, while waiting for the computer.

Reason started to have more sway than emotion. I compared the tracking number of the email to the tracking number Lena Toritch had given me. It was a different number. Julia willingly dug through some tea leaves to find the book's wrapper, which indeed had a number that matched the email. Okay, hysteria over!

As the evening wore on, a little hysteria returned. The window of delivery had been said to be between 3pm and 7pm. Seven o'clock came and went, but no statue. I checked the UPS website, which said that all packages in the truck would be delivered, no matter how late. Ptah arrived last night at 8:42pm!

And here he is "in situ"! I am amused how Wepwawet gets his nose in every shot!

The throne details...

The back, showing my solution for including the Djed Pillar

The model statue, did by Amenhotep III's artists, is nearly "life size", based on human porportions, and so shows Ptah holding a combo Was/Djed scepter. But small statues, such as this one at Boston's MFA, #1974.573, usually only show the Was. Yet one of Ptah's titles is "The Noble Djed", so I found a way to have one!

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