Sunday, May 24, 2015
Chair Design

This came as a result of a bit of a 'pie in the sky' thinking. A web-meme asked what would we do if we were given 100,000 dollars and a day to spend it. I thought for a bit and said:

"Two new small stereos, one for the living room, one for the bedroom (and I'd take the one with the iffy CD player to work, because I'd only ever use it for the radio anyway), commission more statuary, get Julia and I some new clothes, and maybe a new dining room table set. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't take 100,000 bucks. Oh, and make some lovely vacation plans. Here's hoping we all come into some money!"

Then later I got to thinking. Yeah, I hate those unremovable, unwashable white cushions and the cheap, rickety construction. What I REALLY would like is a better design! And then one came to me. This would be sturdy, and the washable cushions securely attached. Julia saw the design, and said, "But I need a chair back!" So I designed a back. I wonder how expensive it would be to have these chairs made up? Dreaming....

Monday, May 25, 2015 A
New Drawing of Hathor

I propped up a print of my statue design a while back here, and was pleased to see the light effect right above Hathor's sun disc. By the way, good progress is being made on the statue. It has reached the stage of "raw bronze", so hopefully soon it will be finished and here.

I finally cracked open my poor neglected sketchbook. I hadn't touched it since last August!

Actually, I did open it sooner than now, but I never finished that drawing, so...

I got inspired by the image of Hathor with a Ma'at feather:

So I worked up a sketch model:

First off, I lowered those ridiculous Ptolemaic 'boobies', and gave her more reasonably sized hips. Then I simplified the glyphs, to just have "Hathor, Mistress of the Sky" and "Mistress of the Sycamore". I changed the throne decoration a bit, too:

Once I got going, I changed a few more things:

I simplified her dress and the glyphs even more. I noticed in the Karnak scene, Set's title "Lord of the Sky" has just the 'sky' glyph and not the square 'p' and the 't'. So not to have a cramped appearance, I omitted them here, too. But I referred to an example of the Vulture headdress, and gave it and the jewelry more detail.

Will I ever get this colored???

Monday, May 25, 2015 B
New Colorful Drawing of Hathor

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