Sunday, July 7, 2013
"First Drawing in the New House"

The library still isn't the way I want it, but at least the desk has been uncovered!

I've taken over a month to start drawing, perhaps thinking, why bother, it'll likely only be paper for the recycle bin on some future purge). Prior to our move, as I thinned the massive collection of artistic attempts, (in preparation for the move), I felt somewhat embarrassed of some of them. A great many of the clumsy attempts went into the recycle bin.

But I have realized what was important about all those scratches, scribbles and what not was the STATE OF MIND, the 'State of Being' that I had while doing them. It's that sense of being an explorer in my own mind.

So I'm eager to start exploring again!

Friday, July 12, 2013
"Returning to my Sketchbook"

It all began with a Set sighting!

Meresankh, beholder of Set and Horus
This crop from a photo by François Tonic

"She who sees Horus and Seth" (m33t-hrw-stsh) is a favorite title of Queens. See this list, here if not there.

Queen Meresankh III, the grand-daughter of Khufu, is so titled in her mastaba. Her name means "She loves life."

Pharaon magazine has beautiful photos of Meresankh's tomb, which are enlargeable with a click. Should that link fail, here is the one which shows her title as "the beholder of Set and Horus".

The Osirisnet website also has photos of Meresankh's tomb. At that page, "She is identified as: 'The beholder of Horus and Seth, the great favourite, the companion of Horus, beloved of him, the follower of Horus, wife of the king, daughter of the king, Mersyankh'". This is because the pharaoh was believed to be the embodiment of Horus and Set, and by beholding her husband, she would see those divine forces acting within him.

Ink pen and colored pencil on acid free paper, 17.8 x 25.3 cm (7 x 10 in.), rotated and sized here to 6x4. Initial clarifying trace from which I drew...

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