Tuesday, June 4, 2013
"One Little Patch of Neatness"

I have ONE shelf organized the way I want. Only one, and yet I rejoice in this tiny area!

Thursday, June 6, 2013
"Another Little Patch of Neatness"

As I sit here in new house, all around me are boxes in various stages of emptyness. But I have a few more neat areas organized the way I want.

The above two shelves in our good bookcase are composed of items mostly from Julia's statuary. The top shelf is more purely Greco-Roman, except for the two urns in the back. I had the urns thusly placed in old apartment, and it seems fitting to keep them there.

Greek Isis is at the center, with a caryatid to her left and Athena to her right. Our friends Nick and Shirley gifted us with the caraytid and Athena when they visited Greece one year.

Isis-Fortuna is to her right, followed by a horse and rider we got at the Getty Villa. Julia thinks it's Etruscan. To the left of the carytid, is an Amazon warrior I got back in 2003. Julia thinks this derives from liminal people of Thrace or Scythia. The little triple Hekate also has a Greek connection. (I have a closer view of the Amazon archer and Hekate, in pre-move chaos).

I've introduced a brass replica of Tutankhamun's throne to the Greco-Roman mix in the second shelf. No, it doesn't really belong, except that Cybele is seated on a throne. Also Tut's throne features lion heads which echo Cybele's lions. Julia had painted that statue, made by JBL statues of Ganges river clay, and it had travelled all the way from Maryland. The brass plate behind Cybele has the Chinese characters for "longevity" on it. If memory serves me correctly, I bought that when I was with Laura, early in our relationship, at a little store in a mall that sold Oriental themed items.

The Minoan Atana Potiniye, (at the right, holding the snakes), relates distantly to the Greco Roman mix, distantly in time, but directly in location. She is from the proto Greek islands, 2000 BCE. As Julia explained, she is "a very early Athena, a thousand years before Athena". (I have a photo of Atana and Hekate from 2001, just after we moved to Yuma.)

The bell is there simply to echo the brass of Atana, and also the shape of her skirt.

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