Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chaos: it will only get worse before it gets better!
(Boxes yet to be filled...)

Friday, May 24, 2013
"Chaos II"

Soon it will be FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

On day six of access to new home, I've decided to record our progress so far, as excerpted from various emails:

The basic plan of attack is to bring boxes in the early morning when it's cool, rest in the afternoon and pack in the evening. How many days will we need to do this? I dunno. We have SO much stuff!

We had an unpleasant surprise: the refrigerator does not work. I suspect it belonged to the original owner, from likely as far back as 1980, the age of the home itself.

Fortunately, there are Memorial day sales going on, and we were able to save 10% on the refrigerator. For the size we need (no wider than 30 inches, no taller than 65 inches), there is only one model available. The guy at Home Depot was nice enough to check the Lowes' website, and that's the only model they have as well. So General Electric it is. I suppose we could have also checked Sears, but oh well, so long as it works and doesn't stink. In addition to not working, the old refrigerator stinks.

Hopefully, we can have delivery of the bed coordinated with delivery of the refrigerator, on Wednesday the 29th. It would be even nicer if the Humane Society Thrift store people can pick up the futon/sofa thing on that day, too. [Not necessary, the bed store delivery man could haul it away, so yet another step saved.]

Whew, I am tired. It is going much slower than I'd hoped. Today was the day of the bed and refrigerator arrival. The bed was to have arrived at 10:30 am. I waited with Julia until 11:30 am, and then left to go back to the apartment to call the bed store. Alas, the phone isn't working right. It did this last year, too. The web works, as you can see by email [and journal updating] ability. But static greets the ear upon lifting up the receiver. Apparently those calling us find the phone is 'busy'.

I waited a bit at the apartment and did a little cleaning and packing of jewelry chest drawers. When I went back to the house, there was still no bed. I laid down on the futon sofa thing while Julia took the recliner, and napped, because I had a bad headache. Around 2:30 pm, the refrigerator truck arrived. The delivery man said it is their policy to go to the delivery site even if they receive no answer via the confirmation phone call.

Feeling buoyed by at least the arrival of the refrigerator, I left Julia there to wait, and went to the mall, where I confronted the mattress store clerk. Apparently the person who'd made our appointment had neglected to inform the others there, and had only noted it in a notebook. The clerk apologized and said the bed would arrive by an hour later.

Wanting to make more efficient use of the gasoline used in the trip, I then shopped for new sheets for the bed. I didn't care for J.C. Penney's '200 thread count' sheets, so I went over to Dillards, and got the fancy '600 thread count'. I usually buy these when they're on sale, so the price was a bit steep. But it's nice to have new sheets to match the newness of the bed.

True to his word, the bed store clerk did make sure the bed arrived. In fact, he himself arrived with the bed, to apologize once again. After he got the frame and bed set up, including its moisture proof cover, we got the new sheets on. Despite feeling a bit dirty, I had to give it a brief test. Yes, it is deliciously firm!

By this time, we were starving, not having anything more than a few rye crisp crackers for lunch, so we went to Yuma Crossing. Their salmon and broccoli were so good.

It is way too early, but I find myself restless. After uploading this post, I will try again for sleep. Perhaps there will be napping later. At least the headache has vanished.

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