Saturday, February 9, 2013
"Let There Be..."

Ink pen on acid free paper, 17.8 x 25.3 cm (7 x 10 in.)

Color tested first

An intuitive drawing, but there's definitely Egyptian influences. The character is wearing an odd sort of priestly/magician robe, and has sort of a
Thoth-like head. From his wing/hand is tossed a feather of Ma'at, (Truth, Justice and Balance). So the priest/magician here is sending forth Ma'at into the world, "Let there be Ma'at!" Further implications is that he is 'working as the god Thoth', who reconciles the two lords Set and Horus. That the feather of Ma'at is white and he is depicted as white and wing-feathered is suggesting that Ma'at must first be established within oneself, before one can influence the world at large.

Sunday, February 10, 2013
"Happy Chinese New Year! (Excuse to draw!)"

To celebrate Chinese New Year 2013, "Year of the Serpent", I have the Egyptian goddess Wadjet!
She has the solar crown and is supporting herself on a Was scepter, as she is in Amenemhat I's relief
Ink pen and colored pencil on acid free paper, 17.8 x 25.3 cm (7 x 10 in.)

Thursday, February 14, 2013
"Happy Valentine's Day!"

"I love Julia" in hieroglyphs

When Julia greeted me, she said I had a nice surprise waiting for me. I didn't expect my order from Egypt to arrive on Valentine's Day, but it did.

I didn't waste much time in getting my new acquistions in place:

I've had the center ankh since at least November 2007

The other piece is a 'Christmasy' pendant that is always up...

Here are the ankhs laid out so you can see the sizes.
Note how much nicer these are than the older one. I may not be able to go to Egypt, but little pieces of Egypt can come to me!

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