Saturday, July 16, 2011 A
"The Half-Formed Idea"

Original on 9x12 inch bristol board, if I color, it will be 9x9
Time on clock is time of actual drawing, 5:40pm

Saturday, July 16, 2011 B
"The Half-Formed Idea II"

I hope to use this digital colorization as a guide for colored pencil...

Sunday, July 17, 2011
"Half-Formed Idea III"

The scan came out with reds too red and pale blues too pale, but I think I've got it looking like the original.

Saturday, July 23, 2011 A
"The Nightmare"

I woke early yesterday from a very disturbing dream. I recorded it in my private journal, and then later saw one of its scenes repeated later on TV news:

Friday, July 22, 7:10am
Just a few minutes to write...
What a nightmare I had, "world ending' nightmare! A dinner gathering with lots of friends but food never arrives. A long stream of people line the walls of restaurant and out to the parking lot. No food? We leave in disgust. I lose my friends after a pee break. I end up wandering along a path that used to be beautiful, but now is filled with devastation. Trees destroyed, and dead people's bodies laying here and there in the muddy water. I feel so lost. I end up back at the restaurant where our dinner gathering was to have been. No one is there except the waiter and cook, who are glad to see me. They serve me delicious cold cantalope melon, which I am savoring as I wake.

Julia said that I had a 'melon-choly' dream, and after a hug, I went to work with a heavy heart. The heaviness did not leave me.

Later, last night, I saw one of its scenes repeated on the TV news, the scene of bodies in muddy water repeated in the films of the Norwegian island of floating bodies. Now, this morning they are saying "At least 91 killed in Norway attacks". How tragic for the world, and for such a peaceful country! My heart goes out to all those personally affected by the loss.

Also, too, the "no food' theme was tragically echoed in the news item of starvation in Somalia. PBS gave us scenes of starving children.

But I am here, in this more fortunate corner of the world, and I'll probably buy some cantelope this morning at the supermarket. I am grateful for what I have.

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