Friday, May 27, 2011
"Leaving the Noise Behind"

And this was the day of my coming-into-being,
a day as any other,
caught in the middle between stop and go,
waiting for the green light from my soul.

I could not hear her voice
in the din of the crowded streets,
angry horns blaring, fists raising, loud cursing.
I had to turn my wheel towards the road leading
to the calm trees growing patiently towards the sky.

Leaving the noise behind,
I was then in the right state of mind.
The soft voice of my winged soul,
with her wisdom from the depths beyond time
could be heard.

Then, and only then
could I become wiser,
born in me a new calm,
assurance for future action,
all hope emerging green.

- JAL, 5-27-11

Saturday, May 28, 2011
"A 'Field of Transformations'"

From "Rebel in the Soul", translation and commentary by Bika Reed:

Her translation of the last words of the Berlin Papyrus 3024 is "for above is exalted by below".

Her commentary on this:
"Man is a field of transformations. In him, as in a wilderness, he has to clear the way and prepare the foundation for the Abode. The earth must be flat. Our flesh must be at rest.

"The Abode is a living structure. The soul says, "Then united we shall form the Abode" and adds when its (the Abode's) HATY (forepart - above) is placed upon its PEH (hindpart - below)" HATY and PEH are the two parts of the mythical Lion. The HATY, its forepart, is the hieroglyph standing for the spiritual heart, i.e. orientation: upper regions of our being including the head. The PEH is the hieroglyph for the hindparts which stand for power, passion, rebellion, motion and achievement. Like a running lion, evolution is powered by the PEH and directed by HATY, its forepart. The living Abode, in which the two parts are reunited evokes the sphinx.

"It was difficult to transmit all of those concepts in a literal translation of the sentence 'When its HATY is placed upon its PEH'. I have chosen therefore 'The Above is exalted by the Below." (page 128)

Image from _Symbol and the Symbolic_, by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz

Sphinx at the Met of Amenhotep III

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