Tuesday, January 11, 2011
"Each Day a Chance to Begin Anew"

Page 29 in the "Happy Thoughts" Sketchbook
(Note of December 24, 2015: This image has been adjusted to fit a 4x6 inch format)

I've been so busy with the sketchbook, I had very little time for anything else. But I'm happy to report, I did finish it in time for the January 15th deadline. I was pretty angsty that I wouldn't. Okay, maybe I 'cheated' by having so many 'info' pages, but provenance of where we get our inspirations is important to art historians. Also, I was able to include some extra info that I hope encourages curious people to research further.

I created a pdf of the sketchbook that is 7.75MB, not too terribly huge:

Do see the pdf, it's almost as if you are viewing the book in person

I like that pdf, for as much time as I spent with that book, I kind of miss it. Also, I'm making 5x7 prints of favorite pieces from it.

And now it is life without sketchbook. How will I be inspired, now that I am free to explore without a looming deadline?

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