Tuesday, May 19, 2009 B

"Hot, Hot, Hot"

It's been unusually hot here for May:

107F (42C) both yesterday and today (National Weather Service and 'Weather Underground' image sources)

I'm looking forward to having a break from this heat soon...

Meanwhile, here is a piece that is part of a project began in February:

A more frontal view has the light source obscured by the camera, so I had Julia photograph the pendant in the second photo.

I decided the way the wall hanging looks 'as is' was sufficient, but the pendant needed polishing. The jeweler would not take it on, I had to do it, and it took many, many hours. I'd gotten the front to a decent state, but wasn't quite happy with the back. A couple small imperfections still exist, but Julia assured me they weren't really noticeable. So I put the bale on and wore it for the first time today.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Traveling Day"

I'll be away from the computer for a week, but will have my moleskine with me, hand journalling! I'll have lots of photos, too. See you later.

(From the moleskine...)

I am sitting at gate #12, Sky Harbor Airport. My thirst has been quenched by an iced Tazo tea lemonade. "We're in a possible overflow situation...," the desk clerk informs us. They're seeking volunteers to wait until next flight. I will not be such a volunteer!

One thing for which I'm grateful is I was able to travel on an earlier flight to Phoenix. As it cost nothing more, I jumped at the chance.

After a walking test in Smucker Park, the Wolky shoes won out over the Ecco shoes. The Wolkies are wider, and more comfortable after a mile walk. In order to reduce unnecessary walking, I've given more study to the subway routes and have more understanding than previously. I know now #4, 5, and 6, any one, will lead me to Grand Central station and the Met museum. But when I go to MOMA, only the #6 stops near there. Also, I studied the maps - there is a quicker route to the stopping point at Union Square station for #4, 5, and 6. Last year, I went around and around and around looking for it.

The lady waiting next to me has lost her silver bracelet. I have a watch from my Mother, which Julia had sized to fit her. Unfortunately, its band is so large, it slips off my hand, so I have it in my shirt pocket. Either shirt or skirt pocket will do for it, (the Tilley traveling skirts have those hidden zippered pockets to protect it...)

(We've boarded the plane...)
We wait, wait, wait until our plane's turn to lift off...

Lift off!


The pilot just announced, "We are crossing over St. Louis Arch...". I visited that place when I was a young, thin teenager.

Are we there yet?
Others are able to read, but the magazines I bought don't intrigue me, so I attempt sketching. My second try at a cute raccoon in one of those magazines is much better than the earlier, (which I'm not showing you!):

9:50pm - New York Time

The plane landed 5:15pm NY time, but it took some time to get to the hotel. The first shuttle bus they sent, (not the usual 'Super Shuttle', some other company), was uptown bound, not downtown bound, so I had to wait another twenty five minutes. It's a long way to Manhattan from the airport. En route to the hotel, along with several custom tailoring shops, I saw no less than three eyebrow threading shops. The young black driver spoke half English and half Jamaican French to his sweetie, (via his 'bluetooth'' ear piece), as they discussed plans for Memorial weekend. He will have a nice romantic weekend. It won't be so for my plane seat neighbors. A young blond haird man and his small brown haired girlfriend were not having a good day. He kept ordering little bottles of scotch whiskey to mix with ginger ale. She drank only a few sips of water as they fought. He wants to go to college and to do so, he must return home to his parents' house. His girl will have to fend for herself. He thought Florida would be good for her. (A glance at his wallet revealed he's currently an Arizona resident.) He didn't say where his parents live, so I have no idea how much distance that would put between them. She was not happy. "Just turn this plane around and head back!" I heard her say. She wasn't being reasonable, either.

Meanwhile, the hotel room is smaller than last year's room, it has no sink, but is near to the restrooms. I'm glad I brought a large selection of nutty health food bars with me, (and I have some See's candy I bought at Sky Harbor airport).

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