Sunday, August 3, 2008 B

"I Love to Take a Photograph"

As we made our way northwards and upwards yesterday, we checked out radio stations. I was amused to find a sing-a-long station from Prescott, featuring familiar songs from the 70's. As I sang along, I updated the lyrics:

"I got a Canon camera, I love to take a photograph..."
"...Mama donít take my Photoshop away,
Mama donít take my Photoshop away,
Mama donít take my Photoshop away..."
Simon and Garfunkel song, or it is just Simon? - "Kodachrome"

'Kodachrome' refers to a type of printing paper for 35 mm cameras. Now that we are in the digital age, I prefer the 'photo lustre' that Printshop has. I've tried the prints from other places, but they are not of that quality.

It will be a while before I get prints from this trip, heck I'm still processing photos from the last one. My little gallery of Brooklyn Museum photos is growing. I'm trying to arrange them room by room, putting all the items from the introductory room first. Even though I wandered a bit, the background gives a clue. I can see in the wide angle photos tiny evidence of smaller pieces.

Monday, August 4, 2008

"The Majestic Views"

I wake again to stretch my back. (But I began dozing off to TV early and we turned the lights out around 8:00pm.)

What can I say? The Canyon is awesome, and there's no photo or movie that can really convey the experience. (But I will try with mine.) At its widest point, it is 18 miles across, on average it is 10 miles wide. It's 277 miles long, and nearly one mile deep.

The train is a fun way to get there. Everyone did their part to be as entertaining as possible. Musicians came into each train coach and played and sang for us. One had a guitar and a mouth harp attached to a device that held it in front of his mouth so he could play both in songs featuring trains. Another had a banjo and sang. Another at the trains return got our friendly hostess Lorraine dancing as he played and sang an old Beatles tune, "Feelin' Groovy".

A travelling photographer took our picture with her huge lensed Nikon camera:

Once we got there, a tour bus took us to the major view points:

(For maximun visual impact, do click to see full size)

Do you see the tiny lake in the middle?
It is the Colorado River. It's a little cleaner, although thinner, by the time it gets to Yuma.

The serious photographer has all his equipment there to take a picture, another man is taking a picture, and I capture them both!

The drivers also give interesting info about the area. One driver from another bus was also from Yuma. He held my camera and took our picture together:

It was a thoroughly delightful experience. As a topper, once we'd settled in for the night, PBS had a program called "Monumental Arizona". Our state is filled with interesting canyons and gorgeous rock formations. Some of them are near Flagstaff. Perhaps we'll add on in to the visit, in addition to the other sights I've planned. Today, hopefully it won't rain, and the arboretum will await us.

(But for now, I'm going back to bed...)

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