Wednesday, August 16, 2006 C

"Jungle Critters!"

(Lotsa of jungle critters, I apologize in advance to dial up readers...;)
Our day spent seeing critters began with an odd sight in the Pepper Market, the resort's cafeteria:

Could it be Horus in drag?

I took a brief look at Aztec deities, there is nothing like this, perhaps in one of the American Indian mythologies, but then it could be a Disneyification. I like the bird, nonetheless.

Well, but expensively fed, we then got on the bus to the Animal Kingdom. From having studied, I knew I most wanted to see the Maharajah Jungle Trek and the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. We started with the jungle trek. It is set up to look like an Asian paradise, with old ruins and other artifacts here and there.

Oh, the lushness of the place is gorgeous:

Yes, that is a constructed mountain for the 'Expedition Everest' ride, but it's still scenic.

I did not yet know how to use the 'zoom' feature, or these komodo dragon pics would have been much bigger and better detailed, instead of a tiny crop out of a huge picture:

Same for these bats:

Near the bat area, they had a closed in area which had smaller critters in glass cages. The camera's 'macro' feature did good to capture a shy snake:

And I was real pleased with the capture of this tree frog:

Stopping at a restroom, I took advantage of a photo opportunity:

And we saw a sleeping tiger:

Here's that tiger from another view:

Yes, that's also a bit of Julia and I, as well as another observer...

Julia through an inviting archway:

There were deer, which would have appeared more 'dear' if only I knew to use 'zoom':

And lots of colorful birds, which were hard to catch:

One that did stand still long enough...

Julia with the exotic background:

Don't forget, click to see larger!

And Julia playing bongo drums:

Full size available

These are the highlights from the Jungle Trek. I hope you found the load time worth it! The next entry will feature the Pangini trek and other sights from the Animal Kingdom park.

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